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the Schleper

Hi, my name is Pam Rosman and I am the "nonni" in Nonni's Pet Sitting Service. I'm a long time resident of Chappaqua. My three children went through the Chappaqua schools. Maybe you know me by my "schleper" license plate and dog bone magnets on my white Explorer.

Whenever family and friends would travel, they would call on me for dog walking or pet sitting, and watch over their houses. Eventually, the proverbial light bulb clicked in my head and that's when Nonni's was born.

Natasha & Velcro
Natasha & Velcro

My family has always had pets, including mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, birds, etc. They just seem to gravitate towards us. Our grown children still have their pets. Brad and his wife Rebecca, in Portland, Oregon foster rabbits from a shelter and now have some new rescued kittens. Jessica and her fiancé, Joe, have 4 dogs and also foster puppies in their home in North Carolina. Vicki who lives in Westchester, has Millie, a lab, who shares her life with me as well.

I currently live with 1 cat named Oliver, Millie (most of the time), 2 rats named Olivia & Gwendolyn, 2 aquariums and a goldfish pond. I am very proud to announce my newly adopted Brittany Spaniel named Ben!


Ben is an 8 year old Brittany Spaniel that my husband and I adopted in January because his previous owners had some medical issues and were no longer able to care for him. Ben had been left in boarding at a local veterinary office for several months before he came to live with us. He is our first adopted dog and now that we see how wonderful he is we will always adopt in the future. There are so many deserving dogs out there that need loving homes! It's very nice to not have to go through the puppy phase of house breaking and chewing again! Ben came to us extremely well housebroken, he doesn't go into the garbage or chew things. He does love to relax on our bed but since that is not allowed in our house he knows to get into his own bed when we come home.


Anybody who has had a hunting breed knows that you get one dog in the house and quite another outside! Ben is sweet as can be when we are inside; he gets along with other dogs and is friends with our cat, Oliver. But outside, hoo boy, he's a totally different dog! Nose to the ground, he zones out and sniffs out whatever furry little creatures he can find! The local wildlife is quickly learning to avoid our yard.

Ben is having the time of his life and we are happy to give an older dog a comfy place to spend his remaining years.

I am a member of Pet Sitters International and am Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid.

Pet Sitters International
American Red Cross
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