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travel tips
"No Pet Left Behind"
New York Times
Want to take your pet on vacation? Learn more about the growing number of hotels and resorts that offer pet ammenities.

"Travel Tips From a Dog's Best Friend"
New York Times
Get travel advice from Cesar Millan, a dog behaviorist and best-selling author, better known as National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer.

"Traveling With Fluffy or Fido? Be Prepared"
New York Times
Read what other pet owners have to say about their own travel experiences.

Zoombak™ Advanced GPS Dog Locator
"…The Zoombak™ Advanced GPS Dog Locator is a dependable and accurate way to help you locate your dog and bring her home safely if she runs away or is stolen. Using Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS), which utilizes both satellite and cellular technologies, Zoombak can help to more precisely and reliably determine the location of your Zoombak Locator.…" Learn more about the Zoombak™ Advanced GPS Dog Locator.

Police K9 Foundation
"…The mission of The Police K9 Foundation is to supply Police K9s with a bullet/stab resistant vest. Each Point Blank Level IIA vest costs in excess approximately $750. As many of you are probably not aware, Police K9 dogs are not always issued a bullet resistant vest as their human partners are. More often than not, many police departments and law enforcement agencies do not have the funds required to purchase the dog a vest. Police dogs, like their human partners deserve to have a vest. We rely on donations from the community to provide these K9s with bullet resistant vests.…" Learn more about Audra and George Sichler's charity to help police K9 dogs.

"Who's in Charge Here? Need You Ask?"
New York Times
"…ALTHOUGH I know better — I really do — when I have the impulse to adopt a new pet, I picture only love and fulfillment. I forget the work; I play down the mess. Think of those cat food commercials where a woman is curled up reading in the company of a sleek, purring, contented creature, and you'll see straight into my fantasy life. My husband, Larry, is more realistic; his opinion is that pets are unnecessary work, and they cost a lot. If it were up to him, we'd have no animals, except for Jesse, our miniature dachsund, who has him wrapped around her tiny paw.…" Read more from this article by Alice Elliott Dark.

DogAge Tip of the Week: The Perks of Pet Sitters - August 30, 2007
"Whether your ideal vacation means heading cross-country for a month or to the beach for the weekend, your dog may not think the adventure is so great. She may simply prefer her own turf. Or she may be too stressed by travel to enjoy herself. That's when a professional pet sitter can ease your -- and your pet's -- mind. Many sitters even help with little extras like picking up your mail and watering your plants. To find a pro for your stay-at-home dog, start with your vet -- many will provide a list of sitters in your area. Or check the Internet; there are many local and national pet-sitting organizations. And don't forget to ask for references." Read more tips from

"They Take the Bounce Out of Bowser"
New York Times
"…At a time when affluent dog owners coddle their pets with massage, antidepressants and spa vacations, it's not surprising that dogs have the equivalent of personal trainers…HIRING a dog runner isn't merely fashionable. 'Many people have come to understand that their dog needs more exercise than they can provide,' said Dr. Monica Clare, a critical care specialist at the Animal Surgical and Emergency Center in Los Angeles. 'Dog walking is fine, but some dogs need more exercise. Dog runners provide it.'…" Read more about providing your dog with more exercise.

"Lookin' for love in all the right faces"
Daily News
"…Fifteen of the North Shore Animal League's cutest canines stopped traffic as they were paraded through the streets of Manhattan in a transparent puppy-mobile. The tail-waggers were helping promote the We television network's new dog-themed shows and trying to find homes for the pups while they were at it.…" Read more from this article.

Urban Legend Designer Dog Craze 'Baah-ck' Fires
K9 Magazine
"…Thousands of wealthy dog owners have had the wool pulled over their eyes when they were conned into buying sheep that they were told were actually miniature Poodles.…" Read more from this article.

"The Primary Trainer"
"…Dogs love consistency… especially during training. Whether your dog has a professional trainer or not, someone in your family needs to be appointed 'primary trainer'.…" Learn more about training your dog.

Reuben the Saint Bernard
The Daily Puppy
"…Reuben Valentine was born December 21, 2006, on a farm in Missouri and came to my St. Louis, USA, home on February 3, 2007. The breeder gave him the name Valentine, and I kept that as his middle name since he came home shortly before Valentine's Day. He was six weeks old and weighed ten pounds; he is four months old now and weighs 55 pounds!…" Learn more about Reuben.

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops
Daily Mail
"…Bus drivers have nicknamed a white cat Macavity after it has started using the No 331 several mornings a week. The feline, which has a purple collar, gets onto the busy Walsall to Wolverhampton bus at the same stop most mornings - he then jumps off at the next stop 400m down the road, near a fish and chip shop.…" Read more from this article.

K9 Insider Newsletter
K9 Magazine
Read about the latest dog news & opinion from around the world in the most recent K9 Magazine Insider Newsletter.

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